Netzwerk Erinnerung+Zukunft in der Region Hannover

Förderverein Gedenkstätte Ahlem e.V.
Heisterbergallee 10
30453 Hannover-Ahlem
Telefon: 0511 47 39 76 98


On our webpage you can find information about the „Orte der Erinnerung“ (Memorial Places) in the Hanover area. These are memorials, monuments, memorial plates, graves, places of mourning, Stolpersteine, inscriptions, city plaques and city signs, which commemorate the places of persecution and resistance during the Nazi-tyranny in the Hanover area in various ways. We present our work to you here and invite you to participate. In the directory of network partners you can find out more about individual areas of work, contact addresses and partners.

We intend our internal portal to grow and offer the public detailed information about the history of the Hanover area. We are working on this – and you can help us or our work either practically or via a donation to the support associations of the memorials.

Newsletter Memorial Ahlem No. 5, 31.12.2011 (PDF)